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TTL CPU Arithmetic Logic Unit

An 8-bit 7-instruction ALU built using TTL integrated circuits.

Adam of the Sheetlands

After running away from his father, an unruly young boy struggles to learn empathy.


Cast and Crew

Mannequin – Survival Horror Game

A simple survival horror game in which nefarious mannequins hunt you only while unobserved.
This was a short project to teach myself modeling, shading, and programming within the context of the Unreal Engine.


Physically-Based Ray Tracer

Unbiased Monte Carlo renderer independent of third-party libraries. Written in C++.

Features include:

Global illumination, stratified soft shadows, physically-based depth of field, reflections, refraction, textures, anti-aliasing, TIFF encoder, and BMP decoder.

View source on GitHub

Pixar Internship Group Project

One week group project for Pixar’s Technical Undergraduate Program


Lighting, layout, and shading

Summer 2012

Cinematography Reel

  • TTL CPU Arithmetic Logic Unit

    TTL CPU Arithmetic Logic Unit

  • Adam of the Sheetlands

    Adam of the Sheetlands

  • Mannequin – Survival Horror Game

    Mannequin – Survival Horror Game

  • Physically-Based Ray Tracer

    Physically-Based Ray Tracer

  • Pixar Internship Group Project

    Pixar Internship Group Project

  • Cinematography Reel

    Cinematography Reel



Proficient with C, C++, Java, C#, Python, OpenGL ES, and GLSL
Some experience with Unix shell scripting and MIPS assembly language


Proficient with Linux, Vim, Eclipse ADT, Visual Studio, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Lustre, Pixar Menv, Pixar Slim, Avid Media Composer, Nuke, and Adobe Creative Suite


Director of Photography for a variety of short films shot on RED and Sony F65




Hi there!

I’m Elliott, a software engineer and technical director working in feature animation. As a director of photography, I have shot dozens of short films, and I enjoy leveraging my diverse background for applications in graphics-related software.

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